Our vision is to be a light to the world and a City on a Hill (Matthew 5:14). Our desire is to be a place for challenging and vibrant worship, while also being a place that seeks to serve the community of north Arlington around us. We seek to be a place that is defined by our love for God and our love for each other.  In all things that we do, our goal will be to point to the Gospel message. Jesus Christ and His Gospel message ultimately are the means to true transformation. All people are short of God’s glory, and only by the grace of God through Christ Jesus can one find salvation and sanctification.

NorthPointe desires to be missional. One of the church’s many purposes is to empower and raise up believers so they may minister to others and teach the Gospel of Christ. The church desires to send out leaders all over the world to impact lives in the name of Christ Jesus.

NorthPointe desires to be a church of community. A life of faith is best lived in a community of prayer, biblical knowledge, spiritual growth, and friendship. NorthPointe seeks to offer itself as a place where people can belong to a community of those who share faith.

We hold Scripture to be the divinely inspired account of God’s covenant with man. Scripture defines our understanding of morality and purity. Scripture testifies to God’s ultimate revelation to man, Jesus Christ.

Guiding real people to embrace a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ