Pastor’s Paragraph 8-21-2013

Nothing stays the same forever.  All things change, and there is change in the wind for NorthPointe.  When Betty and I came to NorthPointe we knew it was a temporary assignment.  I have done eight Interim Pastorates, and before coming to NorthPointe my longest was slightly more than one year.  We consider it a beautiful blessing from God that we have been allowed to remain with NorthPointe for almost two and a half years!  It doesn’t seem like it could really be that long ago when we came.

We are still here.  And we are not going anywhere tomorrow, but it’s time to get ourselves mentally and emotionally prepared for the next chapter in the story of the NorthPointe Baptist Church.  It’s going to be a great chapter and everyone needs to go forward into that future with genuine hope and enthusiasm.  The Leadership Committee/Pastor Search Committee is ready to begin looking at resumes (you may submit one if you like), and that means some day they will be coming forward with a recommendation for you regarding a new pastor.  Let’s bathe that process in prayer!

Indeed, I suspect the best way you can get yourself ready for the new day that’s coming is to pray.  Pray for the committee.  Pray for the new pastor, even before you know who he is.  Pray for the congregation, and especially pray for yourself.  You want to be a significant encouragement to your fellow believers as we all cooperate with God in moving NorthPointe forward along the “Jesus Way.”

Meantime — let’s have a great Game Night Friday and an awesome day of worship on Sunday!

God bless!

Bro. Linn

Pastor’s Paragraph for June 25, 2013

What a neat surprise Sunday to get to hear from Kevin Greeson. I didn’t know until Saturday afternoon that Kevin and Holley were even in the country, let alone headed for the Metroplex. They told me they would be in our worship service Sunday morning and I said, “Great! Come planning to preach!” Kevin and Holley have been our good friends since they were in high school in Portland, Texas with our kids. Somewhere in the deep, dark past I performed their wedding. In more recent years they have been on the cutting edge of missionary work in Islamic countries with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. They are my heroes! If you go to and put the word “Camel” in the search window, you should be able to find a book Kevin has written about how to talk about your faith with a Muslim friend or neighbor. Pray for them this week. Their work is strategic in so many ways.

And besides the Greesons, we also got to hear Dani’s testimony about her time at camp! It was a fun morning.

Good things are happening at NorthPointe, and more good things will happen this Sunday! I’ll be looking forward to worshipping with you then!

God bless!

Bro. Linn

Pastor’s Paragraph 5-22-2013

Another beautiful Sunday morning!  I don’t remember the weather too well, but it was beautiful inside.  It is always a beautiful day when new friends decide to become part of our fellowship!  We welcome Traci Rabago and younger daughter, Alyssa.  Staci, the older daughter joined us the previous Sunday, and very soon we will rejoice as we witness the baptism of Staci and Alyssa.

I want to take this opportunity to implore you to consider making attendance at ALIVE!, our Wednesday evening prayer time, part of your weekly routine.  We will never do anything more important than pray, and no activity of the church will ever pay greater dividends than gathering for corporate prayer.

In the early days of struggle at Brooklyn Tabernacle, pastor Jim Cymbala once told his congregation, “From this day on, the prayer meeting will be the barometer of our church.  What happens on Tuesday night will be the gauge by which we will judge success or failure because that will be the measure by which God blesses us.”  Afterward a visiting minister commented, “I heard what your pastor said.  Here’s something to think about:  You can tell how popular a church is by who comes on Sunday morning.  But you can tell how popular Jesus is by who comes to the prayer meeting.”

As always, I genuinely look forward to praying with you, Wednesday at 6:30, and worshipping with you Sunday morning!

God bless!

Bro. Linn

Pastor’s Paragraph, 3-27-13

I love Easter! I find the message of hope and new life to be an incredibly invigorating and powerful stimulant.  In fact, studying the entire story of the last week of Jesus’s life, or Holy Week as many call it, never fails to intrigue me.  The “Triumphal Entry” on Palm Sunday, cleansing the temple again, debating with the Pharisees and lawyers, intimate moments with disciples and friends, a powerful scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, a dramatic arrest, several ridiculous and illegal trials and finally a horrific, indescribable execution — just to remember some of the amazing experiences Jesus went through that week. Ultimately there was that very quiet and mournful Saturday, and then came Easter morning!  What a day! Jesus stepped out of the tomb and showed Himself to be very much alive at least ten different times on that Sunday and the days following.  I can hardly wait to sing about His resurrection, preach about it and celebrate with you because of it.

See you Easter morning!

Bro. Linn

Pastor’s Paragraph 3-5-2013

Greetings NorthPointers!  I hope you are paying attention.  We are coming up on the dreaded Spring time-change weekend.  Remember, it’s “Spring Forward,” so set your clocks up an hour before you retire Saturday night or you will be late to Bible Study Sunday morning.

That’s right, Sunday morning we begin Daylight Savings Time.  That means Spring is upon us, and Spring speaks of new beginnings, new life, a fresh start.  Excitement should always be in the air in the springtime, and it certainly seems to be at NorthPointe.  We’ve had two great Sundays in our new arrangement, and it appears to be working well.  Little improvements will be evident each week for awhile as we continue to experiment with what works best and what needs to be slightly recalibrated.  Some of the men did an awesome job of enlarging the platform this week, and maybe by next Sunday we will have a different video system (if not then, soon), and things keep getting better.

Remember, we need everyone to be alert to the needs of newcomers and guests as they try to find us at the end of that long hallway, and don’t forget that on the 17th we will have a flood of Nueva Vida folk sharing the building with us.  They will need your kind consideration as they begin to get acquainted with their new home.  As you are directing traffic, remember our Preschoolers are on the left as you come down the hallway from the front door toward our Worship Center/Fellowship Hall.  All the rooms on the right will be used by Nueva Vida.  Our Elementary Children and Adults are upstairs.

I hope you will be with us this Sunday to share the experience of Christian fellowship, Bible study and worship with people who really want to “walk in the light” along side of you (to quote last Sunday’s text).  I have enjoyed preaching on some of the traditional (and ancient) Christian disciplines this Lenten Season.  We’ve looked at the disciplines of Solitude, Simplicity, Frugality and Confession so far and will probably consider the topics of Intercession, Fasting and Giving in the Sundays left to us before Easter.  Some of these topics seem off the beaten path for moderns and maybe for Baptists in general, but I have been struck with how relevant they actually are.  Bring a friend Sunday and see how God’s Spirit will speak into our lives as we join in study and worship.

May God bless you today, and may your participation bless us all Sunday!

Bro. Linn

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