Snow Fool

Snow in Texas is extremely rare. I can count on two hands the number of days in which I’ve been snowed upon. So, when it snowed this weekend in the Metroplex, needless to say, I acted like a fool. And, to make matters more interesting, not only did it snow, but it was as close to a blizzard as you can get in Texas. It was like Arlington, TX and Buffalo, NY secretly traded places for a weekend and didn’t tell anybody. So, in light of all this snow, I checked a few “firsts” off my life list. Shovel snow, check. Make a decent snowman, check. Try to snowboard down the driveway, check (key word there is ‘try’). Everywhere I drove I marveled out loud, saying “look, that’s covered with snow, too!” It would have been annoying, but most people were riding the same winter high that I was, so it wasn’t bothersome. But, I am fortunate to have the friendship of people who have moved here from the north. They were less than impressed by our snow-topia and were nonplussed by the constant bewilderment. In their defense, that’s certainly understandable. In the summer in Texas, I would be annoyed by someone from somewhere cold amazed and excited about the 95 degree heat. To them, the snow wasn’t new, and it just wasn’t exciting, and they had done all the things that made up my sad snow activity checklist. But regardless, I had a good time. And I think my excitement was warranted. This sounds really funny and weird, but I think it’s fair to say that a believer’s approach to worship should be like a Texan in a snow storm. We should be in constant amazement of the grace of God. We should be in constant awe of the joy of experiencing forgiveness. We should have our eyes open to new opportunities. You’re not in a good place when it goes stale. God is alive, so our worship should be alive, and there should be a sense of newness. It might even be okay to be a little foolish in our joy before God. As David said in 2 Samuel as he danced around before the Lord, “I’ll become even more undignified that this.”

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