Pastor’s Paragraph, 2-26-13

“My oh my what a wonderful day!”  That’s a line from an old Disney song, of course, but it’s what comes to mind when I try to describe the day we had Sunday.  You are such a great and special group!  We made a major, major change in how we do things Sunday, and you handled it beautifully!  You were there.  You worshipped.  You were kind and complementary about the new arrangement.  You took things in stride where we aren’t quite finished putting it all together.  All in all you helped us have a terrific first Sunday in our new worship center.  And Bible study classes went great in their new rooms too.

We will continue to “tweak” a few things in the worship area over the next week or two, but basically I think we have an excellent arrangement for our new look.  Many thanks to the many folk who worked so hard to get us to the point where we could have a terrific time together in “the other end of the building.”  We had 31 (at least) people present for our Work Day Saturday and we were incredibly productive.  What a blessing!

Take note that we are going to be distributing name tags every Sunday for awhile.  It will be good for us to see one another’s names, but it will also be a very good thing for us to be easily identified as NorthPointe people when the Nueva Vida congregation joins us in the building on the 17th and thereafter.  Remember, we will all be hosts to our new neighbors.

The two most common comments I heard after the service Sunday morning were, “It was so warm and cozy feeling!” and “I could actually hear people singing!”

So, come early (9:45) for Bible Study this week, and then bring a spirit of anticipation and enthusiasm into the new Worship Center with you at 11:00.  And remember, the coffee is always on in there.

Praise God for all His blessing!

Bro. Linn

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