Pastor’s Paragraph, 3-27-13

I love Easter! I find the message of hope and new life to be an incredibly invigorating and powerful stimulant.  In fact, studying the entire story of the last week of Jesus’s life, or Holy Week as many call it, never fails to intrigue me.  The “Triumphal Entry” on Palm Sunday, cleansing the temple again, debating with the Pharisees and lawyers, intimate moments with disciples and friends, a powerful scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, a dramatic arrest, several ridiculous and illegal trials and finally a horrific, indescribable execution — just to remember some of the amazing experiences Jesus went through that week. Ultimately there was that very quiet and mournful Saturday, and then came Easter morning!  What a day! Jesus stepped out of the tomb and showed Himself to be very much alive at least ten different times on that Sunday and the days following.  I can hardly wait to sing about His resurrection, preach about it and celebrate with you because of it.

See you Easter morning!

Bro. Linn

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