Pastor’s Paragraph 8-21-2013

Nothing stays the same forever.  All things change, and there is change in the wind for NorthPointe.  When Betty and I came to NorthPointe we knew it was a temporary assignment.  I have done eight Interim Pastorates, and before coming to NorthPointe my longest was slightly more than one year.  We consider it a beautiful blessing from God that we have been allowed to remain with NorthPointe for almost two and a half years!  It doesn’t seem like it could really be that long ago when we came.

We are still here.  And we are not going anywhere tomorrow, but it’s time to get ourselves mentally and emotionally prepared for the next chapter in the story of the NorthPointe Baptist Church.  It’s going to be a great chapter and everyone needs to go forward into that future with genuine hope and enthusiasm.  The Leadership Committee/Pastor Search Committee is ready to begin looking at resumes (you may submit one if you like), and that means some day they will be coming forward with a recommendation for you regarding a new pastor.  Let’s bathe that process in prayer!

Indeed, I suspect the best way you can get yourself ready for the new day that’s coming is to pray.  Pray for the committee.  Pray for the new pastor, even before you know who he is.  Pray for the congregation, and especially pray for yourself.  You want to be a significant encouragement to your fellow believers as we all cooperate with God in moving NorthPointe forward along the “Jesus Way.”

Meantime — let’s have a great Game Night Friday and an awesome day of worship on Sunday!

God bless!

Bro. Linn

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